Something unfair is happening.A handful of highly technical, talented people are responsible for the lion's share of progress. They are a cut above the rest and fight with all they have to achieve ambitious goals.But they are treated, and recruited, just like everyone else.Finding elite technical talent is (apparently) the top priority for every technology company. Or they say it is. For two decades they have approached the problem the same way. Hiring old friends, posting to job boards or spamming on LinkedIn.That’s not how you build elite teams.Sure job boards and recruiters still make sense for many roles. But not at the top end. You have to go and painstakingly find them. Then rip them out of their current roles. It takes time, it’s hard and that’s why most people settle for a bum in the seat.Your success hinges on a select few exceptional individuals. Bad hires are expensive. In a high growth company, exponentially so. But how do you tell the difference between the best, and the rest?They all look the same to an outsider. It takes an age and an army of resources to sort through an ocean of talent. They’ll all tell you you’ve got the best, but can you trust it?Introducing Anaeo, a new way exceptional companies engage with elite talent.— Access to elite technical talent.
— Ready to make an offer.
— For one fixed price.
We roll up our sleeves and map the universe of elite technical talent in highly-specific ecosystems. With proprietary knowledge of who the best people are, we work with ambitious companies building generational products to assemble the elite teams that create exceptional businesses.No one has done this quality at scale, until now.Due to high demand we’re not currently taking new clients. If your company is building generational tech and products, you can start the conversation here.The war for elite technical talent rages on.Let's work together.Mark Snape
Founder, Anaeo
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We help high-growth startups and corporates develop strategy and enhance their workforce.We’re different because we're hands-on. Our principals do the work. We don't farm off projects to graduates or contractors.Being vertically integrated this way from sales to the minutiae of delivery is a true game changer. The quality is far higher and the cost is far lower.Selected projects:

  • Delivered strategy, product and business development, acquisitions, pricing and operating model transformation projects for an iconic global media company with a global portfolio of brands. This culminated in a three-year strategic plan that delivered a US$65m earnings uplift over three years.

  • The United Kingdom's oldest university was seeking ways to grow its executive education business amid increasing digital competition. Our business case won executive sponsorship to fund three growth initiatives and the business had a record revenue year and moved from #3 to #2 in the global rankings.

  • Led a team to conduct commercial due diligence for a sovereign wealth fund assessing the risk and valuation impact on a significant infrastructure asset they owned from a planned large scale infrastructure project that would be in direct competition.

  • Business diagnostic for the new MD of a consumer health care business owned by a global pharmaceutical company, which identified seven turnaround initiatives that were executed in the first 100 days.

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Copyright © Anaeo Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.


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